Animal Guardians Horse Rescue Inc.
"Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves"

"Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves"

All Year Round is the Season of Giving! Help Save a Horse's Life Today! 

Our rescue horses are always in need of additional items for their ongoing care, year-round. If you would rather donate items than funds, or if you need to clean out your barn, her is a list of what we need. If you would like to donate something that is not on the list, please don't hesitate to ask. We may need it or may be able to sell it for fundraising, as well! Any & all charitable gifts & donations are 100% tax deductible!



- new / used ready-to-wear condition fly masks / fly sheets / fly leg wraps

- new / used ready-to-wear condition waterproof winter blankets (clean & no tears)

- first aid supplies - antibiotic ointment, vet wrap, bandage, cotton wrap, eye wash, baby wipes, stetho-

   scopes, thermometers, vaseline, spray bandage, bandaids, baby diapers, epsom salt, surgical tape

- SmartPak Smart Vite Thrive or Select 1 Vitamins

- grooming supplies - clean brushes / hoof picks / shampoos / baby wipes / towels / rubber gloves

- SmartPak Smart Flex Support 1 / 2 Joint Supplements, SmartPak Smart Flex Sr. Herb Free Pellets  

   Joint Supplements 

- Bronco / Bronco Gold Fly Spray Bottles - Gallon or Liter

- Thrush Buster / Thrush XX / Other Thrush Medication

 - pine stall shavings

- Orchard Grass / Alfalfa Hay Bales 

- Prestige 5 Way + WNV vaccines

- Alfalfa/Bermuda Pellets or Timothy Pellets

- psyllium pellets / crumbles

- bags of carrots, apples, pears for horse treats

- Gift Card for Theresa's Country Feed, Kahoots Feed Moorpark/Chatsworth, Moorpark Hay Company

- wheat bran & mineral oil to keep on hand for colic emergency

- Bute Medication, Banamine Tube Medication, Ranitadine Ulcer Medication, UlcerGuard Paste




- barn care / horse training

- veterinary care

- hay & feed / shavings pick up / delivery

- printing / publishing

- photography / videography

- catering / entertainment for events

- social media / flyers production & distributing




- good condition soft rope halters / lead ropes of all sizes (Parelli Natural Rope Hackamores


- good condition natural horsemanship training equipment (Parelli carrot stick, Mustang

  Brand Stick with Flag preferred)

- rubber training bits / gentle broken snaffle bits / natural rope hackamores

- bareback pads for training

- light weight narrow to medium tree English or western synthetic saddles for training or

  resale fundraising & western saddle pads to go with saddles 

- cob / horse sized bridles (English or western) for training or resale fundraising

- lunge lines for training

- protective hoof boots (Easy Boot Trail) size 0, 1 or 2 in good to excellent condition




- tarp in good condition for training & events or to cover hay / shavings stacks

- feed cans / large metal trash cans for feed storage

- rubber feeder / water troughs

- tables / chairs / canopy tent for fundraiser & educational outreach events

- corral panels in good to excellent condition, shader shelters in good to excellent condition (need to be

  delivered to us in Simi Valley - we have no way to pick them up - we will pay for your fuel)

- stall mats in used good to excellent condition




 Animal Guardians Horse Rescue participates in the Smiles Fundraising Program, ongoing, all year long. You can easily contribute to our cause simply by shopping on and choosing our rescue to contribute their funds to. You can also help spread the word to others about our participation in Amazon Smiles Fundraising by sharing this information with others you know.

Share this link: and ask your family, neighbors, employees, and friends to bookmark this link so all their eligible shopping will benefit Animal Guardians Horse Rescue Inc.

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