Animal Guardians Horse Rescue Inc.
"Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves"

"Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves"


Donations or funds to buy hay, feed, shavings, pellets for horses horses with bad teeth, weight builder supplements for underweight horses, vaccines, dewormer, teeth floats, veterinary treatments, hoof care, supplements, & bute medication, all really help! You can view out Wish List page to see what items we currently need or really want. Or if you want to donate an item that is not on our Wish List, please Contact Us.

*For donations of $1,000 and above, we will add your business to our Corporate Sponsors page

* Your Gift Will Make Our News Page!

* Certificate of Sponsorship with your company name and your sponsored horse's name for you

   to post at your business.

* For a donation of $5,000 or more or for a land donation, we will place a link to your company

   on our home page for 1 year and add additional publicity for our annual events.

* Corporate luncheon is included up to 10 people to join us in selecting your horse for


Animal Guardians Horse Rescue offers visits to your sponsored horses on a monthly basis at their foster care sites by appointment.


Please Contact Us for more information on how your company can help Animal Guardians Horse Rescue. Animal Guardians Horse Rescue is supported by individual donations and receives no Federal, State, County, or City funding. You can make a huge difference with donations of money or supplies, sponsorship and volunteering. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt agency, your donations of equipment, hay, feed, supplies, or funds are deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Please consult your tax advisor for details.



Sponsor a Shelter Horse! Help Us Save a Life!

With your help.... he is home!       


The image of your company is important. Community involvement can make a difference!

While there are many charitable organizations you can choose to sponsor, there are few that make a direct connection between you and horses that are thrown away, abandoned, and confiscated by the animal control department for abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

This is your chance to make a huge difference in the lives of horses in need. Get your employees involved too! Matching your employees' donations is a wonderful way to make them feel like they are making a huge difference as well.


SPONSOR A HORSE - Only $300 per month!

* You can select a fostered horse to sponsor. When you sponsor a horse for 3 months:

    a.) We will post a "Sponsored By (your company name) on our website with info and photos

          of the horse

    b.) We will add your Contact Information / Business Card to our Corporate Sponsors page

    c.) We will honor you with a Certificate of Sponsorship with your company name & sponsored

          horse's name for you to post at your business.

Sponor a Fundraising Event - This is FUN and REWARDING! Contact us to get involved NOW!

We are accommodating and will work with you to provide what you need to make this a beneficial relationship!

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