Animal Guardians Horse Rescue Inc.
"Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves"

"Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves"

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Board of Directors

Deborah Greene-Dellvon, Executive Director/Founder, President

Robert Dellvon, Director, Treasurer

Jessica Jesu, Director, Secretary                                                                   

Andrea Mauk, Board Member, Advisory Board Chairperson


Advisory Board

Andrea Mauk - Advisory Board Chairperson

Linda Wilson 

Jessica Young                                                                                             

Dr. Debra Kemper, DVM                                                                            

Jorge Infante, Infante Farrier Service                                                          

Dr. Kevin Smith, DVM                                                                                 

Dr. Brad Perdue, DVM  

Tyler Burzynski Horse Transportation                                                        

Keith Elliott Natural Groundwork

                                Member Supporters                                   

Cathy Halley - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                                       

Jill Halley - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                                             

Amy Gandel - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                                         

Valerie Robertson - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                               

Bonnie Flamer - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017

Deborah Greene-Dellvon - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                     

Phyllis Siegel - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017

Nancy Draper - Silver Horseshoe Member 2017                           

AnaMaria Stone - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                                

Jan Fletcher - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017                                          

Andrea Mauk - Silver Horsehoe Member 2017

Daphne Laughridge - Bronze Horseshoe  Member 2017                            

Gretchen Grubel - Silver Horseshoe Member 2017                                    

Valerie Herzig - Golden Horshoe Member 2017                                          

Candice Camacho - Golden Horseshoe Member 2017           














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Animal Guardians Horse Rescue Inc.
Site Owner
About Me

I am the President/Founder of Animal Guardians Horse Rescue, Inc. (AGHR). I have been involved in horses & horse rescue & rehabilitation / retraining for 15 years. I began AGHR 5 years ago, and received my 501c(3) in May, 2013. I am studying with the HSUS Plan 4 Progress Training Program, and am a proud member of the HSUS Safe Stalls Network Program & The Homes For Horses Coalition. I am a proud mother of twin daughters, Cori and Becky, wife of retired Navy 1st Class Petty Officer, Robert, owner of 2 horses and a mini horse, Baby, Texas, & Dream Catcher, and a Special Education Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing by trade. I have 2 Master degrees, on in Education of the Hearing Impaired, and one in Educational Leadership & Administration. Aside from horses & equine welfare, I enjoy going to the beach with my daughters, taking our dogs to the dog park, reading & listening to poetry, and traveling around the world. My long-term goal with this rescue is to create a much needed equine retirement sanctuary in southern CA, for senior horses and horses with special needs. Right now, I am enjoying spending the first year of kindergarten learning and playing with my girls, and spending quality time with my husband when he is off of work. I welcome you all to join our rescue family and hope you will enjoy working with our horses as much as I do.

Cathy Halley
About Me

Wildlife Biologist. Archaeologist.  Animal Lover. Hiker. Runner. Cyclist.  Boogie Baorder. Ocean Lover. Mountain Lover.  Watches movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's.  Cary Grant and Doris Day are favorites.  Dogs:  Kanika and Otter.  Have 3 turtles and continuously rescuing mice in need.  Miss my dog Wiley who inspired my passion for senior animals and rescuing black dogs.  My brother has Mavy, a rescued horse.  My sister rescues rabbits and has 3 rescued dogs.  My parents have had 3 rescued horses, numerous rescued parakeets and little dogs. I come from a family with a big heart!

Helen Wang
29 years old
About Me

74 years old
About Me

I love horses and spend half the year in Calif working and half the year in Montana on a lovely 120 acre hay ranch.  There are 3 horses - 2 13 yr olds pictured and a dear old 26 yr old Jimmy.

Rob - AGHR
About Me

I am the Assistant Director of AGHR. Here is a picture of me with Rosie, the first rescue horse we ever took out of a bad situation. She came from Camelot Feedlot and this is in Hayes, VA, where we got her a good permanent home. It's a good thing the hurriicanes did not destroy her home. I love horses and have adopted one of my own, Texas.

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